Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

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Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Captured literally moments it in to police (Image: Francesca Bosco before she plunged to her death below, a passing tourist caught this final photo of Heather Price Papayoti and her taxi by accident and turned)

Beyond the endless glare of this neon that is bright and the sounds of slots, cocktail glasses and sexy encounters, lies a much, much darker and grimmer reality in Sin City: a seldom-reported fact and one which many hotels walk out their method to keep out of the media is the actual wide range of suicides committed in Las Vegas, often following a last weekend of debauchery and with as much tragic motivations as life it self has to offer. These suicides are never associated to anything that happened in Las vegas, nevada, head you; but the City of Neon seems to represent to many individuals a destination to see life off, for whatever reasons.

In fact, several research reports have unearthed that Las Vegas is the no. 1 destination of preference for people to kill themselves into the U.S.

Hotels Do What They Can

Obviously, there ‘s no way that is real resort hotels to stem this steady stream of lives lost, as generally the deed is done from inside a college accommodation, with as many methods utilized as the reasons themselves for the suicides. The single thing resort hotels can and very nearly always do is make it extremely difficult to fling oneself from a hotel space screen, however; either making them difficult or impossible to open; or making those openings so narrow that all nevertheless the slightest among us could never fit through the limited space.

But that does not mean tourists on a mission to self-destruct can’t throw themselves over somewhere else, and the story of 1 woman that is such Phoenix now has her family and others calling out for higher barriers and stricter security at most obvious of those non-Strip locations: the world-famous Hoover Dam, about 35 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, that provides an unsurvivable fall into rushing water below for anybody who is intent on ending their particular life.

‘ We are in support of providing stronger safety measures at the O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge [at Hoover Dam] in the hope that they will deter future tragic occurrences,’ said the family of Heather Price Papayoti, the victim in this case that is latest. It’s undoubtedly maybe not the first self-inflicted death at the Hoover Dam; in fact, Papayoti may be the seventh person to jump to her death in to the Colorado River 900 legs below from the bridge since it opened in October 2010.

Woman Plunges to Her Death

It was just the other day, on January 10, that Papayoti took a cab ride more than 280 miles right from the Tempe, Arizona behavioral guidance meeting, telling the driver to just take her to the Hoover Dam, where she ended up being somehow able to quickly crawl over a 5-foot barrier railing and jump, just moments before sunset.

Her family members’s issued media statement reflects the despair that they had been Papayoti that is clearly aware who married with a daughter was indeed fighting recently.

‘we have been mourning the loss of our heather that is beautiful, daughter, sister (in law), aunt and friend. We were blessed with her laughter and light for the full years we distributed to her. Sadly the darkness of anxiety and depression consumed her in recent months, and despite treatment, she ended up being unable to overcome it.’

It will now be up to the Nevada Department of Transportation to help explore possible improved barriers and protection measures, as well as show up with an idea as well as the money to fund it, which would come most likely from federal highway programs.

These ideas are not actually new; in fact, ways to discourage suicides were under conversation also before it had been opened, in accordance with district engineer for the Nevada Department of Transportation Mary Martini.

Among the feasible solutions initially considered had been safety nets and 6 8 foot Plexiglass shields, said Martini; but both were dismissed as either being too tempting for ‘jackass’ type daredevils, or too obscuring of this view that is magnificent of river for that the pedestrian walkway had been being built. Developers were concerned the plexiglass would grow dull and also be considered a magnet for graffiti artists. Ahead of all that, the costs could be in the many millions, said Martini, who also noted that the Federal Highway Administration might have to approve anything along these lines.

Martini says the current five-foot rail was only built to avoid people from falling, perhaps not to avoid determined jumpers from offing on their own. Plus in order to jump, individuals like Papayoti must crawl over a 5-foot 6-inch concrete wall to even access that railguard, Martini added.

‘Can you crawl over it? Yes. But it would have prevented people from being able to see the dam if we made the guard rails on the bridge any higher.

‘I don’t believe we could engineer enough ways to avoid somebody from committing suicide off the bridge,’ she said. ‘If someone is set to do it, then they are going to do it.’

Extra demands for improved safety patrols and a suicide prevention line much like the ones at other major U.S. bridges are also being called for by Papayoti’s family. But no real matter what happens later on, for one despondent woman, she is now just another sad statistic in a city that addresses committing suicide as simply another side-effect of being larger than life itself.

Three-card Monte Scams Kentucky Man Out of $10,000

A 77-year-old man got swindled within an odd game of Three-card Monte (Image: capitolcommentary)

Three-card Monte may be certainly one of the con games that are oldest around, and it is nevertheless alive and well in many parts of the planet. The game itself is simple: the dealer mixes up three cards, one of which is a different color than the other two (usually the queen of hearts and two black cards). Discover the right card, and the player wins! Of course, everyone knows that the game is a scam, and it’s unlikely that any one of our readers would ever fall for such a trick.

Unlikely, but not impossible.

Taken for a Ride

A Kentucky that is 77-year-old man scammed out of nearly $10,000 in cash and other valuables as part of a Three-card Monte scheme in Cartersville. The victim arrived at truck stop on Thursday morning, as he was approached with a man who told him that someone was giving away money after having won the lottery.

The victim went to investigate, and used the person to an area between two semis, where a man that is second standing with a box. Inside the package had been the classic implements associated with the Three-card Monte game: two black cards and one card that is red.

The target had been then told he could win money by picking the card that is red and he proceeded to take action several times in a row, in fact. After doubling his bets, he had won $400.

That is as soon as the scam actually went into motion. The scammers flashed some $100 bills at the target, and challenged him to double their bet once again. This time, he put down an overall total of $600 and also a couple of bands and a watch he had been wearing.


But just like the victim thought he was going to strike it rich, a third man in a uniform stepped in to break up the game. That guy stated that they had been having issues within the area related to gambling that is illegal which caused the first couple of males to grab the amount of money and jewelry and run. The victim was prevented from chasing after them by the guy in uniform, who disappeared soon thereafter which made the victim realize the entire game had been a scam.

This is certainly just one of many ways in which the game of Three-card Monte enables you to scam victims into losing cash. In this instance plus in other comparable schemes the goal is obvious: merely get the victim to place just as much money (or other valuables) in play and then break the game up at an opportune moment. With the victim distracted, the scammers will likely be over before the victim even realizes what has happened to them- or has the wherewithal to do such a thing about it.

More approaches that are straightforward also been used in conjunction with this game to part fools from their cash. In numerous street corner games discovered in urban centers round the world, the dealer will simply use sleight-of-hand techniques (perhaps after losing 1st few hands to gain the victim’s confidence) to make sure that the victim can’t keep track of where the red card is. Even in the event that victim does take place to get the right card, they may be able simply take a more substantial bet from a shill that is in on the scam, saying that this gives them the right to play that hand.

An event report was filed with the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, but there’s no word on whether or not police have any leads that can help them find the scammers.

Old-School Style Bermuda Casinos Likely Just Around The Corner

Bermuda’s new gambling enterprises will try to emulate this classic Monte Carlo casino feel (Image:

Dust off your 007 tuxedo or chiffon evening wear: Bermuda is close to finalizing plans for classic casinos because of the look and feel of those James Bond classic films in addition they’re targeting predominantly upscale dining table games, and the appropriate tourist crowd to go with.

Casinos are Coming

Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell announced at a recent press conference that the government will soon act with a public training program outlining its objectives and vision because of their own casino gaming industry.

‘This was a decision that is difficult the government, but in the circumstances we are confident it had been the right one for Bermuda,’ said Crockwell. ‘We are also confident that the majority of Bermudians support the introduction of casino-style gaming.’

Crockwell continued to explain that polling results suggest around 70 percent of Bermuda nationals are and only legislation to introduce casino gaming regarding the island, emphasizing that the industry would bring with it more jobs, increase tourist traffic, and generate increased revenues for Bermuda.

‘These poll results is going to be made available during our upcoming public education program,’ he explained.

Beneath the proposed plans, casinos will run either within existing hotels, or newly built hotel facilities, rather than purpose-built casinos, in order to build regarding the pre-existing charm regarding the tourist facet of the island.

Locals to Get Casino Training

Training programs may also be provided for those looking towards a vocation in the market, with the goal of enabling Bermudians to provide top-notch services to tourists once gambling legislation has formally been passed.

Crockwell explained that Bermuda will be taking aboard a model which has worked well for a quantity of other countries that can come in with a comparable model that is tourism-based.

‘Following an extensive review and analysis, the federal government has decided to embrace the built-in casino-resort model for Bermuda. He said although we will be unique and maintain our special Bermuda brand, this model is similar to the Aruban and Singaporean casino models.

‘It is paramount that the government now engages the general public with the information that is salient exactly what we are proposing and all of the main issues surrounding this industry,’ added Crockwell.

With 70 % of locals evidently supporting the new legislation, that nevertheless leaves 30 percent who’re perhaps against the move. To them, Crockwell said that ‘there is really a great deal of misinformation out here in regards to the casino gaming industry and that which we as the government plan to implement here in Bermuda.

‘ We want to disseminate the known facts and hear everyone else’s take on this issue,’ he added. ‘During the education that is public, we will share the info we have collected which should include the potential economic advantages, potential social risks and how to mitigate against those risks while the indian dreaming slot gratis prospect of work creation for Bermudians.’

Although legislation is expected to be passed away this year, it may be time until the integrated resorts are open for business as the appropriate partners will have to be chosen to help manage the casinos and equipment.

During a referendum that is original in June 2013, Crockwell noted that Bermuda will be targeting more of a high-end, elegant Monte Carlo-style model, than one that emulates Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The emphasis will likely be on old-school table that is high-end over slot machines, and like many such locales having a reasonably bad local population, licensing settings is going to be set up to minimize the potential for locals to play in their own area’s gaming houses.